Your blog is an immensely powerful tool that if used effectively can form the basis for extensive and powerful marketing campaigns.

The aim for any marketing is to obviously generate more business. Doing this through a blog is easy enough in theory; in practice though there are a lot of things that can make or break a blog. Not least of these a bit of luck. The most important rule though is consistency. Create and promote consistently and eventually you will begin to find yourself gaining traction.

Your blog should drive traffic to your website. From there you can then direct the traffic along the sales funnel until you convert them into leads or sales.


1. Inspirational

What is it?

Inspirational posts talk to the individual. These are things that interest you or your staff and will be of interest to your customers too. For example, if you work for a video production company, you might talk about a recent film you’ve seen; what did they do well? What did they do that was out of the ordinary, or particularly interesting?


These posts give your blog character and make your company seem more human. These types of blogs are great for creating engagement which will help increase your blogs overall exposure as well as creating a loyal following and readership.


2. Business News

What is it?

Business news is interesting things that are happening not just to your business but in the industry. What break-throughs have there been in the industry? What have you done recently that was interesting?

You may have attended a trade show, it is worth talking about this, but more importantly it is worth talking about the people that you met there, the other businesses that you found interesting. Create conversation and engagement within the sphere of your industry.


When we advise people about writing their blogs, and what sort of content they should be creating, we spend a lot of time stopping people from talking about themselves. The customer doesn’t want a hard sell. So, a product piece outlining the multitude of benefits your product supplies, whilst it may be true and really informative, won’t get a lot of traction.

However, people are always interested about themselves, so start talking about other people and they will appreciate you for it.

3. Educational

What is it?

Educational posts are all about supplying value to the customer. You want to be answering the questions that your customers are asking. Imagine they are typing something into google. Those questions become your blog titles. If for example, your company makes sponges you might answer questions about cleaning: eg. ‘5 top tips to get stains out of your carpet.’

This post is another example of an educational blog post.


There are a couple of reasons this is an effective tactic. Firstly, if you get the wording of the title right, using a long-tail keyword, and you optimise your SEO using that keyword, then this will help your ranking on Google and make you much more findable.

Secondly, you will start becoming a resource centre, with a readership. The more traffic that goes through your website, the more people are engaging with you, the more sales you will make.