7 Big Mistakes Businesses make on Social Media

The internet is like a public forum where everyone gets to have a say. However, there are certain things that will make your voice louder and there are a few faux pas that you really should avoid.

Social media is the corner where everyone hangs out most of the time so if you have something to say, it makes sense to go to that corner. However, how do you figure out which group to join and how do you integrate yourself without messing up?

We’ve put together a little list of things we’ve noticed people do:

1.  Not setting goals

This goes across your entire marketing strategy, but Social Media is likely the first place you are going to start when you begin promoting your content. What do you want to achieve? It might be more engagement with your posts, or more traffic driven to your website.

You need to set yourself SMART goals.

Specific – attach numbers to your goals: for example you might want to increase link clicks by 30% from 1000 to 1300.

Measurable – You need to be able to monitor the effect you’re having.

Attainable – Be realistic, if you historically have an engagement rate of 2% don’t imagine you are going to increase it to 52% overnight.

Relevant – You want to increase relevant activity in relevant areas. There is no point increasing your following on Twitter for example if none of your business uses twitter.

Timely – attach a deadline to your goals. If you don’t achieve them, learn, and set new goals. If you do celebrate, learn, and set new goals.

mistakes businesses make on social media 3

2. Not having a strategy

We go on and on about making plans and strategies. This is because we thoroughly believe that far too many people approach their content marketing without one. They just do… stuff…

Read a few of our articles on making effective plans:

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Before any content creation or posting begins, a brand needs to know clearly what they’re looking to get from social, and then ensure they have a strategy in place to help drive towards those results. These could be awareness, traffic to a website or sales leads – whatever is informed by the overall marketing objectives of your business.

3.  Not knowing your target audience

Who you are saying things to will determine what it is you are going to want to say, where you are going to say it, and how you are going to say it.

Too often content is shared on social because someone in the business is really proud of it and wants to shout about it. But will the audience care? Just because social is quick and cheap to post to, it doesn’t mean you should share everything there. Will this content enrich the lives of the followers?

4.  Not knowing the channels

Each social media channel is unique, they have their own strengths and weaknesses with different demographics using them.

Facebook is a great traffic driver, but if you’re looking for engagement with 14- to 18-year-olds, consider Snapchat or Instagram. Your strategy will inform your outputs and your audiences, and these will both inform the social channels you should share your content on.

You’ve set goals and determined your audience, but you need to understand how to most effectively use each platform to promote your content, and which platforms are going to be the most effective for you as you don’t want to be wasting time on the wrong ones.

5.  Not having a distribution plan

mistakes businesses make on social media 2

Gone are the days when you could create content, post it on social, sit back and high five your colleagues as the likes roll in. Monetisation of the platforms has seen organic results decrease drastically, and a healthy portion of your social budget should be allocated to distributing your content. Each platform has ad formats designed to drive the results that have already been identified in the strategic planning – be sure to use them!

6.  Not having focus

Focus, Assess, Re-target.

Don’t try to make each and every piece of content achieve multiple objectives. Looking to drive traffic to your site, and also want engagement? Focus your efforts where they you think they are most valuable, Assess the results, and Re-target when necessary.

If you have a confused scatter gun approach whilst you may hit more straight away, you aren’t going to know which direction you actually hit with. You may get more engagement with one post but that might not drive traffic. Individual objectives, attached to individual pieces of content, aimed at individuals.

7.  Not proofreading your content

Mistakes businesses make on Social media

This last one is absolutely criminal. However, as someone who does themselves create a huge amount of content, i know it isn’t easy to proof read your own work. You’ve just spent the last two hours writing up a fifteen hundred word article and the idea of going through it word by word makes you almost physically ill.

Take a break, leave it till tomorrow and then read it through, once, twice, three times. Then when you are happy that it’s been beautifully polished, give it to someone else to read. They will inevitably pick out half a dozen spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Then rephrase what you can now see was actually a paragraph of complete gibberish.