Finding Emails and Building Lists

When it comes to building a leads list the hardest part is starting out. Figuring out where to begin and how to invest both your time and money effectively can lead to you not making any real decisions.

So, to help we thought we would put together a list of 5 pieces of software that can help you do this, and perhaps more importantly they can help you do this either free or at least at a very competitive price.


I like the simplicity of Hunter, I like the branding. It does exactly what it says with very few frills.

Go into their site and type the domain in and it will find all the related email addresses attached to that domain.

Alternatively, make your life easier by downloading the chrome extension. When you’re on a website click the orange wolf head and hey ho there you go.

A simple search for The Times turned up 409 email addresses. The ones with a green tick beside them have been verified.

A simple search for The Times turned up 409 email addresses. The ones with a green tick beside them have been verified.


  • It is easy to use.
  • You get a free 100 searches each month.
  • Automatically verifies email addresses
  • Dou can bulk find data.


  • This is a big one. As of the end of 2017 it no longer works with LinkedIn. This massively reduces its functionality which is a real shame.

2. has a slightly more confusing payment structure with 5 different packets ranging from 100 free credits to 50,000 credits at $139 pm.

What and how you spend your credits is also a little confusing with each email you save costing 1 credit, and each email you verify costing half a credit.

However, this stands head and shoulders above Hunter in a couple of ways. First, you can use it with LinkedIn. Secondly it will automatically verify the email address, displaying a little green dot. A yellow dot indicates that server returned an unknown status. And a red dot to show it’s invalid.


  • Affordable pricing, 100 credit free package.
  • Integrates with LinkedIn
  • Automatically verifies email addresses
  • You can verify your own data list using their service
  • Send emails for free using their email send email feature


  • There aren’t really any. Pricing structure is a little unclear using Snov tokens.

Another thing to keep in mind when thinking about Snov is their marketplace and their tokens, both of which give the impression there is a lot more to this software than just some data mining.

3.   Skrapp

This tool is a LinkedIn email finder only. It offers no other bits and bobs, no other add-ons.

However, they do start off with a generous free plan of 150 email credits a month, and their pricing plan is certainly competitive.

My first thoughts were that this would work very well in tandem with Hunter. One for general internet searches and this one specifically for LinkedIn.


  • It’s a simple tool designed with very specific purpose.
  • Generous free credits


  • It isn’t as effective as some of the others on this list at finding email addresses.
  • Can only be used with LinkedIn


4.   ContactOut

Another one just for LinkedIn. The benefits with this one is that it comes up with as much information as they can source. Phone number, social media handles, even notes on the person.

You start off with a number of free credits, however, nowhere did it offer me a clear pricing structure which always makes me a little nervous.

It also integrates with google docs so you can export and build your list in google sheets.



  • Quick and easy to set up. Just download the chrome extension.
  • Easy to build lists in google sheets


  • Unclear pricing structure.
  • Only use with LinkedIn


5.   SellHack

This is by far the most expensive one on the list.

You can start off with 10 free credits a month with the chrome extension. But beyond that you will be looking at $19 for 150 email credits all the way up to $199 pm for 1500 email credits.

Obviously this is a step above the rest of them. The reason we have included it though is that it is a quite well established system that can integrate with number of other software. It works well with Salesforce for example. However, for the best experience with it you will be wanting to upgrade to one of the higher tier packages.

This is one for the big guys with a sizable team and good budget behind them.


  • Powerful effective tool.
  • Integrates well with a number of other softwares, streamlining your data building process.
  • Email verification
  • Works with LinkedIn


  • The price! The more you are willing to pay the more features and plugins you unlock.


Other ways to find Email Addresses

Using Gmail

Google is pretty good at putting two and two together.

As most people aren't all that creative when it comes to their email addresses you can generaly make an educated guess as to what it is.

If you know their name and their company domain, type in these variations into Gmail and google will be able to verify which email address is the right one.


If you strike out with all these try again with their gmail account. Everyone has a gmail account these days.

Our final suggestion is to find them on Twitter. Lots of people now put work email addresses on twitter so it is certainly worth a peruse.


There are lots of bits of software that can do a lot of the manual labour for you. Different ones integrate better or worse into your CRMs and have different pros and Cons so choosing the right one for your purpose will require a bit of experimentation.

Personally, after playing around with all of these a little, my favourite was Snov. 

The free account is powerful and easy to use with a generous 100 free emails a month. It would make a good addition to anyone's B2B marketing strategy.

However, depending on your purpose, you may prefer a different one.

This is by no means a full list, but hopefully was helpful for you. Please share your own preference in the comments below!

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