Anyone who makes content knows that storytelling is an excellent way to craft content that performs. People respond to something that grips them, and that is exactly what stories are designed to do, grip you...

One example that crops into my mind when I think of story-telling in content marketing are the T.V. adverts by companies like Compare the Meerkat, or GoCompare. I will be the first to suggest that they lost their way, but at first it was original, interesting and engaging. And for those reasons I’m not going to forget them, which is of course the very purpose of marketing.

All stories, or so we are taught in our formative years are broken down into three parts. Beginning, Middle and End.

How does this relate to content?

The beginning is about defining the common elements your customers share. Why are they coming to you? What is it you have that they need?

The middle is about creating something that engages and informs. It is the part where the funny guys and the people with the slightly odd minds come into play. It's the moment you mention the puppies or the cows. You have to put your own tilt on it.

The ending is about driving your customers to action, about reinforcing your USP.

Align with your Brand. 

All of this should sit with your central brand message behind it. If you can get this right you will have something really quite interesting.

Let’s make an example story...

“Barry is an Octopus from the top of his sumptuously sleek head to the tips of his tactile tentacles. However, Barry isn't 100% the eight legged sea dweller hs parents wished him to be. He has a secret obsession. A penchant for shoes. He likes the sexy stilettos and the suave sneakers. He likes shoes that aim for comfort and ones that stretch your legs out and leave you aching in the morning.

“You may have realised where we are going with this… Barry doesn’t have any feet. What could he do? He tried every shoe store, but like Cinderella’s sisters trying on glass slippers nothing fitted.

"We pride ourselves in having excellent service, our staff are trained to do fittings and find you that perfect shoe. From hot heels to practical pumps. We are so adept at finding the right shoes, we bet we could even find a set for Barry.”

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