We all Binge on content so why aren’t people binging on yours?

People are becoming ever more saturated in day to day life by content, be it good or bad, useful, entertaining or boring utter rubbish. The point is, with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube, Reddit and all the others just a thumb movement away we are constantly being fed in one way or another.

Facebook is a prime example of content you can quite easily spend hours looking through. An intrepid voyeur scrolling through your feed. Eventually, you’ll look up at the time which will in fluorescent lighting read 2:03 am and think, ‘whoops, I really should go to sleep.’ Then you’ll quickly check Twitter, like a few pictures on Instagram, and maybe read an entertaining thread on Reddit.

What is it that makes it so hard to stop reading?


Firstly, the content has to be good, otherwise the audience is just going to click away and you’ve lost them, potentially forever. If it’s good they will stay and read the whole article or the whole show, and if it’s really good they might follow you for similar pieces.

In terms of something like Netflix you just have to look at how effective their 30 day free trial is. You get the trial, realise you don’t know how you ever lived without, you’ll talk about how great Netflix is to your friends and then buy your subscription, because creating multiple emails addresses is a pain in the ass and it is really good value for money.

What is it that keeps people engaged?

It is simple, instead of letting them wander off to find their next entertainment fix, to go to one of your competitors you add a: You might also like… Theoretically, you can consume the consumer. Lock them into a never ending feed of content where they will wander, half smiles pinned to their faces, for eternity.

However, you’re not out there to compete with Netflix or Facebook, they have near limitless funds. But they are good examples of this kind of suggestive marketing. It breeds loyalty in the consumer and it keeps them coming back again and again, and most importantly, they buy.

How does this relate to marketing your business?

You’ve created your content and it’s pretty darn good. You’ve gone through the motions of optimising your SEO, researched your keywords, given it relevant tags, added ‘alt’ names to your images, and sent it out to dance its way through the online stratosphere, with an attention grabbing title and a pretty picture.

You’ve done everything possible to make it perform, and it does pretty well. However, your sales stay where they were. So, you do it again and again and again, and gradually it becomes immensely disheartening as you realise, there is a lot of effort going into this process, but no real tangible monetary reward. What is it you’re not doing?

You might also like…

If they’ve clicked on one link, and they’ve read it to the end, there’s a very good chance they will click on another, and another. And if they read enough of your content, if it’s targeted properly and aligns with your brand, they will begin to understand your brand and begin to align themselves with it.

This does mean you will have to go through old blog content and link them to newer ones, which is a pain, but worth it.

Get yours now…

Pair this binge consumption of your excellent content with a call to action and you will start to see those sales increasing.