1.   Brand Synergy

When it comes to selling product in store, you will really benefit from cross-merchandising strategies as they increase impulse buys.

HBBs have great brand synergy across a number of channels from footwear to outdoors to gifts.

Creative eye-catching displays help sell everything around them, using the powerful POS from one brand to tie in other brands.

HBBs come in a range of colours that are gorgeously eye-catching, and when merchandised well cannot fail to draw customers in.

Remember, an energetic store is a magnet.

2.   Connect with your customers

Connecting with the customer is hugely important when making a sale.

Begin by listening to what your customer needs or wants.

Then educate. We send out comprehensive training guides that highlight all the major selling points of our bags so that our retailers are knowledgeable about our product and complete the sale.

Excellent customer service is the key to increasing sales.

One of the many benefits of stocking HBBs is repeat customers.

“So many customers return for other colours, I’ve never seen a brand before where people buy more and more just to match their outfit… Even more, customers spread the word to their friends and family, sending them in for HBBs. Our customers literally sell the bags for us.”

– Mark Grasmere, Edge of the World


3.   Support

Support from your brands to help you have steady sales is important. With this in mind we offer everything from training material, POS, fast restocking times and small minimum orders to comprehensive online support.

We have some incredible POS that is in-line with our recent eye-catching and colourful rebrand that we launched at MODA this year.

One of major support program we offer is our retailer promotion. We run this with one of our retailers each month.

Retailer Promotion - How Does it work

"A 195% increase in sales at virtually no extra cost to ourselves!" - Andrew, Owner, Strolling for Shoes

• Social media support
• 20 x Bagletts per bundle supplied at cost of £3.50 each
• Cooperative advertising opportunities online and print

• Can be run for up to 4 weeks
• Comprehensive customised point of sale
• Free Baglett with every HBB purchased in store


4.   Generating Buzz

The buzz around your store and the brands you stock should be constant.

Having sudden short bursts of activity in marketing or on your social media feeds indicates to your customers that sales are poor at those times which can cause people to lose trust in your stores brand.

We have a strong social media presence and with things like our retailer promotion program we offer some comprehensive support to our retailers.

On top of this our seasonal collections are right on trend.

5.   Stand Out

A good window display will draw people in and effective merchandising will increase sales across the whole store through impulse buyers.

Stand out from the crowd with colourful displays and beautifully merchandised product that are all supported by incredible POS.

If you would like help merchandising your HBBs, or you want us to help you pick out a bespoke range to increase your sales, contact us.