We are constantly looking for new and improved ways to engage with our customers.

There are a few very effective ways to engage customers in store.

Our bags naturally draw the eye, they are colourful, and when merchandised well, they can be very alluring.

We do a range of things to help our retailers increase their sales, not just of our bags but across their store with well matched brand synergies.

Innovative Point of Sale

Our newest brain child which has been a while in development, is the silent salesman.

What exactly is the silent salesman though?

In short it is a small spine pocket piece designed to entice the customer to take a closer look at the bag.

Designed in conjunction with our new branding the message is fun and all about balance. They’re almost as colourful, fun and original as our bags themselves.

These are printed on a trifold that slips neatly into the bag spine pocket, the top poking out with the cheeky message, ‘PSSST, TAKE ME!’




The purpose of these is to encourage the curiosity of customers. To get them to have a look at the bags up close, open them up even try them on. And at the same time it conveys our brand message, Beautifully Balanced.

Proven Effect

This is an idea that we have tried and tested. Most recently at trade shows where our new branding created quite a splash.

Our first iteration of the Silent Salesman got a very positive response, but there were a few tweaks people suggested. For example, the trifold was just a little too wide, meaning they stiffened the shape of the pockets, adding ridges to a bag without edges.

After this feedback we went back to the drawing board, and after a few minor changes we had it.


The Importance of Innovative Marketing Materials

We have a range of POS that our retailers use to display our product in the best way possible so that it sells.