My aim is to give you the simplest solution to creating the best content possible.

Key to my philosophy is understanding your brand

I recognise that every business is different, and it is that difference that we want to be talking about and expanding.

THE Strategy

1. Consultation

The First step is understanding what you need. In this consultation we will address topics like:

  • What do you currently do and where you think you can grow?

  • Who are your target audiences and what do they want to hear?

  • What is your brand message? And how can we convey that through ongoing strategies?

  • SEO optimisation.

2. Content Creation

We create content, focusing our efforts on creating shareable blogs, but we also create a range of other strategy focused mediums. 

3. E-marketing Strategies

Still one of the most effective ways to drive business is to run a consistent e-marketing campaign to a good database. We will discuss:

  • How to continue building your database

  • What content to share via email

We will then take on as much of the management of this as you would like, to make sure you get a consistent delivery.

4. Social Media Strategies

Social media is one of the best ways to reach new audiences. But different platforms require different strategies. We will figure out the best strategy for your brand to reach the right people.