The online market place is continually demanding innovation in the way products are being presented. This is being led by the big brands and fashion houses who have the resource to continually create creative product photography ideas: resulting in extraordinary, gripping imagery.

This is due to the advancement of technology, making it quicker and easier to shop online, meaning that in 2017, we have reached a time where people actually buy more online than they do in-store.

The Importance of product photography can’t be understated because your online presence has become your shop. With Social Media now a marketing powerhouse, having excellent imagery is all the more important, because you can easily and affordably get it out there in front of people. On top of this the monetisation of social media means you can effectively target your buyers within each of these platforms.

The consumer expectations are constantly shifting, and depending on your purpose you will need each of your items shot in a number of different ways: from simple straight forward product photography, to stylised photography demonstrating movement, to brand aligned location model shoots, to weird and wonderful marketing imagery.

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9 Creative Product Photography Ideas